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In a memorable for the Doce Pares global federation at the Mezzo Hotel

Emmanuel Villaruel

Apr 7, 2022

SPORTS UPDATE: In a memorable and highly emotional night for the Doce Pares global federation at the Mezzo Hotel, US-based Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) advocate Arnulfo "Dong" Cuesta was formally installed as the new Supreme Grandmaster of Doce Pares.
On the same occasion, the Doce Pares family led by Cuesta, Grandmaster Michael Canete, and Master Gerald Canete pays tribute to the late Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio "Diony" Canete for his invaluable contribution and selfless dedication in the promotion and development of eskrima-kali-arnis all over the world. SGM Diony, the originator of the Doce Pares multi-style who is largely responsible for the massive growth of Doce Pares now with over 50 member countries in five continents across the globe, passed away in August last year.
Cuesta, in his acceptance speech, promised to keep the legacy left behind by SGM Diony and bring Doce Pares to even greater heights with the support and cooperation of everybody under his stewardship.


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