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History of Eskrima and Doce Pares


history + culture

     The terms used to identify the Filipino Martial Art. It is the National Martial Art and Sport of the Philippines and is widely practiced in the Philippines and all over the World. Eskrima is an indigenous Filipino Fighting Art and had been used by the Filipino Warriors of the past to protect and defend their homeland.

     The Battle of Mactan- to date marks the first written documentation of the Filipino Fighting Art when it was used to defeat the Spanish conquistadors and to describe the demise of the famous Explorer Ferdinand Magellan against Datu Lapu-Lapu; which they later called “Esgrima" or to the natives “Eskrima".
In 1932, a group of Eskrimador Masters came together to unite and share their knowledge in the Art and later call themselves as Doce Pares.

History of Doce pares

     Founded in 1932 with founding President GM Eulogio Cañete, the first and longest serving President of Doce Pares; it is oldest and largest Filipino Martial Art System and Organization in the World and considered as the most complete and well rounded fighting system as it covers all ranges of fighting and 12 different styles of combat.
     Spearheaded by Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio A. Cañete, a legend icon and authority in Filipino Martial Art; Doce Pares has spread all over the World with over 50 member Countries. Together with his son Master Gerald O. Cañete, who has conducted numerous successful events to promote the Filipino Art including running the Arnis Games during the 30th SEA Games ; continues to spread and promote the legacy of Doce Pares as the Gold Standard of FMA.

Vision, Mission, and Values


To be the premiere filipino martial arts organization in the world


     For Self-development, self discipline, and character buildingTo create awareness among the Filipinos particularly the youth about Eskrima and encourage them to embrace and take up the art. To perpetuate the art as part of the cultural heritage of the Filipino people as a form of sports, to promote good health, physical fitness and sport mindedness, as a form of martial art, and self defense.


Indomitable Spirit,


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